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Career Highlights: Nurse Practitioner

Julie Larson, a Nurse Practitioner with Hancock County Memorial Hospital (Britt, IA), gives the Iowa Hospital Association some insight into what a nurse practitioner does and what kind of person becomes interested in this type of career. For more information on careers in health care, visit us online:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to Career Highlights: Nurse Practitioner

  1. Joe Flores says:


  2. mike1220115 says:

    i had that same philosophy with being a pharmasit. Now im changing careers after doing more research. there is no point in living with that kind of thinking.

  3. 1122me0x says:

    I don’t just want to be a nurse just because of the jobs, I want to do it because I like science, and working with people. But I am getting my information from my mom, who is a nurse. And, she says, as does anyone else I talk to,that nursing it great because you can find a job almost anywhere, and there are so many different fields you can work in, you get bored, you can switch.

  4. magickunderpants says:

    Seriously no joke. I graduated 2009 BSN from a top 50 program good grades and schloaships. I never found a job as in an RN in practice. I have a desk job with the title RN however I use my chemistry degree more so than my nursing degree. I am in a top 100 NP program my employer dose reimburse however a lot of employers only want experience at all levels of nursing and BSN is preferred over the 2 year diploma.

  5. 1122me0x says:

    me too! (: I want to go into pediatrics!

  6. 1122me0x says:

    Are you kidding me? One of the reasons I am considering Nursing is because there are literally always jobs. People don’t just stop getting sick, or getting old. There will always be a need for nurses, everywhere.

  7. utubefanatic233 says:

    i’m 16 and i’m considering to become a nurse practitoner

  8. magickunderpants says:

    There are no jobs for nurses or nurse practitioners do not waste your time and money.

  9. TheHandsomeguy123 says:

    I myself want to be a nurse practitioner when I get older.

  10. healthcareerhelp says:

    My sister is a Nurse Practitioner and she loves her job. It can be hard work at times, but it is a very rewarding career in the medical field.

  11. fivequotes says:

    I wanted to thank you for this great channel!!

  12. SuperMadklown says:

    if you have to FORCE yourself to do it… and are oly in it for the money, your not gonna last. thats a horrible reason to become a nurse. you will burnout quickly with that attitude.

  13. speechless00 says:

    she reminds me of my nurse pract.

  14. raymanlegy says:

    I am a male second year student nurse and you can say I am shy haha. I love working with people. Nursing is a great career choice because there are so many branches of nursing. You can go anywhere in the world and have a job. Next week I get to shadow a nurse practitioner for 2 days. I am really looking forward to it. I hope they don’t ask too many questions. And pretty soon we get to observe a surgery in the operating room : O !!!!!

  15. pettoish says:

    .m n n

  16. drjtk76 says:

    I am a male nurse! A nursing career is a great way to get over your shyness. You do have to study hard- science, psychology, etc, and it may be challenging at times; but the one thing that will will make you a great nurse is your love for people. You seem like a sensitive guy…I am too. However, that is precisely what will make you a great nurse. God bless. 

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