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Adorable Puppy Explains Health Care Bill

Are you ready for a Nerdy Valentines Day? In which John offers a summary of the health care reform bill that just passed the US senate, discussing the insurance exchange market, pre-existing condition clauses, medicare taxes, and other fine points of the still-under-debate bill. Here’s a good explanation of how the insurance exchanges will look like: Thanks to Alan Lastufka ( ) for the Ben Nelson asshat photo. About abortion: The senate plan works like this: Policies covering abortion would be available in the exchange market (at least in some states), but those plans would have to collect two separate premiums–one covering everything other than abortion, and one for abortion coverage. The subsidy (available to all families making less than about 000 a year depending on number of kids) would only apply to the non-abortion policy. If this seems like a hilariously stupid distinction, that’s because it is. Ultimately, it of course doesn’t matter which policy the subsidy goes toward. But then again, every federal program “supports” abortion in some way. For instance, without federally funded highways, it would be impossible for most women to get abortions. All government spending indirectly goes to support all activity in America, but it’s ridiculous to say that, for instance, food stamps encourage meth use, even though sometimes people trade meth for food they bought with food stamps. It’s equally disingenuous to say that this bill will allow
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24 Responses to Adorable Puppy Explains Health Care Bill

  1. MorganBatChava says:

    another point about abortions that is often overlooked is just how many abortions are performed for the explicit purpose of saving the woman’s life. Take that situation in Ireland for example. The idiotic thing about it is that an abortion can cost $800 at Planned Parenthood, but complications from pregnancy can cost tens of thousands, and result in death.

  2. SeldomSansLions says:

    What about the claim that this bill will ruin medical professionals financially?

  3. hellomisslillywhite says:

    We don’t see Willy (or Henry for that matter) as much as we used to :( Please show us Willy! that sounds weird…

  4. Reagan Black says:

    The main differance between death penalty and abortion is that those who get the death penalty have murdered people and unborn babies have not. And if you’ll refer back to the original comment, you’ll notice that the commenter said “Anti-choice”. I’m not against choice, I’m against murder. I don’t call those who support abortion “Anti-life” or “Pro-murder”. I call them what they prefer to be called, I hope to be given the same respect.

  5. PanzerX7 says:

    Most of the pro-lifers I know are pro-death penalty and for increased military spending, so I don’t know how appropriate that term is. How about just “anti abortion” which is what it actually is. 

  6. Reagan Black says:

    Or pro-life, which is what we are.

  7. jolieinsomnie says:

    Just for the record, it’s actually impossible to use government funding to perform abortions. The Hyde Amendment, which is an amendment created after the Roe vs. Wade ruling, makes it illegal. So no, your tax dollars will not go towards abortions, anti-choice people.

  8. MrGustaphe says:

    It is cool to pay tax.

  9. DeadFallElectronic says:

    I agree to the previous comment.

  10. acciomalfoy says:

    Technically this should be titled, Adorable Man Explains Health Care Bill To Puppy.

  11. jeannahuff says:


  12. theperksofbeing emma says:

    Willy is so cute I can’t even..

  13. SophieHatterLeFay says:

    he blinks briefly at 0:08 too, very fast, but you can catch it

  14. happytobeyourdork says:

    I guess we decided to put the pig on a diet

  15. pazful says:

    I studied this bill inside and out in a public health class at UC Berkeley and I think he did a pretty good job of summarizing it. There are a lot of aspects he left out such as the subsidies to businesses who want to start new insurance companies to stop the ASSHOLE current insurance monopolies from being JERKS. And, slightly increased regulation on Big Pharm… but other than that… VERY COMPREHENSIVE. You’ve done a service to the world, John.

  16. Laura Norda says:

    & at 1:26…something is afoot :o .

  17. chris boyd says:

    he does it in alot of videos

  18. Peta Hillier says:

    French the llama!!! Everybody! Get out your gif making skills! This is momentous!

  19. Emily Thayer says:

    I love Willy’s poker face.

  20. WorldFancyStudios says:

    Because the government has money to spend. Not a dept to china or anything.

  21. ErinEZMac says:

    0:49 for the best bored puppy blink ever.

  22. Kelci Crawford says:

    I probably should have inflated the fact that my comment was sarcastic.

    I think the government-sponsored care will still be competitive. It’s not the only option for people to choose health care from. And don’t give me any crap about “but government health care wants to be the ONLY option!” American consumerism and whiny people like you will keep other health insurance companies going, so there will be enough options available for who you can choose health care from.

  23. ChromeToasterInc says:

    I only wanted to connect the two terms that I heard.

  24. macy725 says:

    I know! Then we will inflate the healthcare bureaucracy even more decreasing efficiency and decreasing care.

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